Who Has The Oldest Bible?

Who Has The Oldest Bible?

Hi this should be fun. I like most of you have several Bibles in different versions. I came across several boxes of books (A testimony story for another time) that were almost exclusively Christian books of one form or another.

To me it was like finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
One of the many that really stands out is a somewhat small leather bound KJV that has a most unusual (to me) introductory page. I can’t take the time to type it out (I’m going to go Google the first few sentences and see if something pops up) here is a link ( http://www.mb-soft.com/believe/txh/kjavpref.htm ) as it’s too long to cut and paste here.

Anyway they call King James a prince! Must not have earned his crown when this was written? This little leather book calls this page “The Epistle Dedicatory”.

I now know the difference (I think) in a KJV and an authorized KJV. My authorized KJV doesn't have the King James preamble.

Anyhow all the Psalms and all the Book chapters are in Roman Numerals and none of the pages have any numbers! honestly! I can hear some old preacher of yore…Now turn to Matthew chapter twenty-four on page …page…page…? Hahhaha. :D

It was driving me nuts trying to find out how old this little Bible was. But I think I’ve got it. I think it was published around or about 1863! I found this sandwiched on the introductory page of the NT at the bottom where it says



I’d sure appreciate it if somebody else would verify that Roman Numeral as reading 1863. I’ll try and find time to take and post some pictures. But in the mean time I was wondering if there are others out there with similar Holy Bibles that would care to share the age of their Old Holy Bible. With pictures too please! Even if this isn’t as old as I think it might be. It’s still really cool with no page numbers and it also has the Psalms In Metre . Something I was unaware of till I was led to this book. Also this small little Bibles leather cover is really cool as it is somehow embossed with a somewhat intricate design and the words Holy Bible on the front and the spine. But their not printed on, their embossed into the leather! That’s really cool too!
Ray thanks! You were right. I misread a smudge! Actually there are two Roman Numeral dates. The one on the bottom of the NT page is MDCCCLXIV or 1864. The other date is located at the bottom of the Psalms page and reads MDCCCIII or 1863! I think those are the interpretations unless somebody corrects me! Any how here are some pic’s. I’ll send some more later….Enjoy

1. Close up of Leather Detail
2. Size ref. 1
3. Size ref. 2
4. Spine

I'll do more later but was wondering what do you all think. I've never seen anything quite like it..How about you guys?


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It's half time here's some more.

1. It's the NT date at the bottom of the page. It's a little hard to read but I beleive it's M.DCCC.LXIV or 1864.

2. It's the date at the bottom of the Psalms Page M.DCCC.LXIII. or 1863? Any experts out there tell me why there are two dates?:confused:


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Pastor Gary

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While we have many older reference works in our Chapel library, the oldest "Prayer Book" is an "Armen Seelen" (To Poor Souls) in the German language published in 1846 by Sinfieden Publishing in Berlin and edited by Gebruder Rarl and Ritolaus Benziger.

It is a collection of prayers which are intended to ask God for His divine assistance for many things including a good harvest, no illnesses, no losses of cattle and that a newborn baby will see it's first birthday without being sick... just an indication of how hard it was in the mid 1800's in rural Germany in just being able to get by.

Guten Tag und Gott segnen...
Housesitter and Pastor G. thank you for your responses. My hope is somebody that does old Bibles or collects them will step forward with some background history on this Bible.

I'm confused why it would display two different dates even tho there only a year apart. Also I Googled Church Of Scotland but got more on the Church than this Bible. It states inside the bible that it is approved for the church of Scotland etc.

Also I'm amazed at how small and compact this Bible is. But then again maybe that's just a sign of my simplicity.

I have several old books that were in the books where I found my bible. One is by a D. L. Moody, copyright date of 1899. It’s just a paperback but in surprisingly good shape. I’ll post a pic later. I have many others but not all are spiritual.


I certainly am no expert but that is a really cool looking bible. Perhaps it is a second edition- that may account for the two different dates.

Pastor Gary

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That's correct, Larry - publishers do a 'test run' to see what the market possibilites and demand are, then, if their first run is successful, they do another run which is usually much larger than the first, if initial sales dictate.