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I stick to KJV but now I like Brother Sylv's site which made me realize how things were interpreted differently from original language.
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I've used most of the translations of the Bible over the years to see how they use a word or phrase. The new testament was written in Greek and copies of the Greek are called "manuscripts." Anything copied (from the manuscripts) into another language is called a "translation" (or version).
I think I have my "likes" and "dislikes" for many of the translations. I just purchased another translation the other day called the "English Majority Text."
The "majority" text is where a translator takes all the translations of a verse (from the different versions) and the "majority" text is used. In other words, if they find a phrase (or word) that is used 17 times out of twenty they will used that word or phrase (the 17 times) in the majority text bible. It seems to be a pretty good bible translation.

I feel the ASV is one of the better translations. (OOOOOOH, I know there are those KJV hard shells that will send me *&%$# mail) LOL
I use the New American Standard Bible most of the time. The only reason I don't switch to the ASV is due to the time I've had the NASB and I don't want to break in another bible. (Guess I'm getting lazy)

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I'll probably be the black sheep here but I read the NIV. It's the one I can best understand. I also have NRSV and my daughter has KJV, but I always go back to the NIV. I pray that God tells me what he wants me to know regardless of which version I read!


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I generally stick with the KJV because I grew up with it and feel that it has been around for a long time. However, I do also like to read the NIV version as a "second opinion". Not a second opinion to the KJV, but to my own interpretation of what I read. And since that Bible has study notes, I get a third opinion. So by myself, I can have a full Bible study like I was with a group.

I really do like to hear commentary on the various translations and interpretations, but I find, that almost any argument can be made and proven that way.

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I use the KJV as well, but as I have mentioned before, my KJV is contained inside "The Companion Bible" *.

I also use a vintage (pre 1990) "Strong's Exhaustive Complete Corcordance of the Bible" to learn what the Original Manuscript languages in Hebrew, Aramaic, Chaldean and 'street' Greek said before the translations of man messed up those Original Words to an extent.

* For those who can not afford or otherwise obtain a copy, here is a good link for basic information. The actual Bible goes into significantly more detail than this condensed online version. The one hundred ninety eight Appendixes of The Companion Bible are a great study in and of themselves.

I like most versions. I have a NKJ that has all my notes and highlights so I am never far from it. However, to me the best bible is a read bible. I love to read The Message. Plain everyday english works in the mission field.
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