Who's "Tom " In tomcat ?????


Who's "Tom " In tomcat ?????

Who is the “Tom” in “tomcat,” the name for male cats? Plus, you have a pack of dogs, but a “what” of cats?

Ailurophiles (cat fanciers) will tell you that it makes perfect sense female cats are called queens. “Tomcat,” however, is a little trickier. While we’re on the feline topic, what is the name for a group of cats, and where does the myth of cats’ nine lives originate?
Meow. (What do people in Japan say instead of ”meow?” Here’s the answer.)
It turns out that the term for a male cat is associated with a fictional character from long before CONTINUE READING »
I also grew up with cats. All the boy cats' were named ..George, Ralph, Spanky, Rufus, Cat, but never Tom. heheheheheheeh
I used to breed and raise Siamese cats, to me they are soooooooooooooo mysterious like me!!! heheheeeeee..my first one was a male and I named him Pyowacket from one of my favorite movies, "Bell Book and Candle." Oooooooooo how I love that movie!