Why Are Israelis So Happy?

As I shared in my last blog, out of 151 countries, Israel ranked as the fifteenth happiest country in the world. In a Bloomberg study of 48 advanced economies in terms of the efficiency of their health care systems, Israel ranked 4th, with a life expectancy of 81.6 years. (In comparison, the US ranked 46th with a life expectancy of 78.6) In addition, Israel was rated the second highest in the world in terms of life satisfaction and “experiencing well-being”. Life satisfaction was categorized as good health as well as ‘subjective well-being: a sense of individual vitality; the opportunity to undertake meaningful, engaging activates, inner resources that help one cope when things go wrong; close relationships with friends and family; and belonging to a wider community’. Enough statistics for now! I’ll attempt to translate the statistics into everyday life in the Israeli and Jewish world.

A number of years ago I was on an extensive and intensive speaking tour in New Zealand, that beautiful country at the other end of the world from Israel. After having spoken one evening at a home fellowship, while we were having coffee and cake in the living room, I tried to explain to them one of the special hallmarks of Jewish life. As I told them that night, “One of the gifts that the Lord has given us as a people—and as a nation—is a sense of family. I can meet another Jewish person any place in the world, and there is no sense of strangeness. We’re just able to talk as if we’d known each other forever! And when non-Jewish individuals truly put their lives in Yeshua’s (Jesus’ Hebrew, real name) hands, they will sense God’s love for the Jewish people. And He makes them a part of that sense of family with the Jewish people!” It was a bit hard to express to them what it really means, but the Lord was about to give a live demonstration! Everyone was talking quietly and peacefully. About ten minutes later, an Israeli Believer came to the home fellowship. Now I had never seen her before, and we had never met. But the minute she found out that I was also Jewish, from Israel—and a Believer in Yeshua as the Messiah, we started talking and sharing and laughing together as though we had been friends all of our lives. It was an eruption of sound and joy that astonished everybody else! She insisted that I spend the night with her and her family and happily whisked me away. After pizza at her home we talked until about 2:00 in the morning.

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They are so happy because they are the Very Elect of God. They will be even happier when they acknowledge that Christ was actually the Messiah & obey the gospel (Acts 2-38)) of the New Testament.