Why Are You At Work Today?

Why are you at work today and not on a yacht en route to your beach house in the Seychelles?

Because God needs us where we are! We are serving Him not ourselves! We will have all the time we need to tour the world in the millennium! God expects 70 years of service from us for an eternity of bliss, is that too much to ask?

Let's carry our cross and make God proud today. Serving Him by serving others is the ONLY reason we are at work today or any other day.

God does NOT need our trades in heaven. Engineers, accountant, programmers, lawyers down here are all obsolete in heaven. We are literally only here to be kind to our colleagues, feed the poor, help the orphans and widows, cheer up the old and be a sweet smelling incense to God.

God bless, have a nice day!