Why I love God

Why I love God

I'm putting this in bold because this is something came from my heart. I realized that God is a very important part of my life and that He is always there for me.

It doesn't matter who reads this - Christian, atheist, agnostic, Hindu - this thread was created because I love my God. It seems hard that I can love something that I cannot "see", but there is something special about this love that I should elaborate on it.

I realized that when I was a non-Christian, I depended so much on what I could see, touch, smell, and hear physically that spiritually I was a gangly as a newborn colt.

Being a Christian is more than just cookies and cream - I have to battle every single day my flesh. I want to fulfill my vain desires and do whatever I like, and sometimes I do give in. I don't want anyone to think that Christians are arrogant, self-absorbed, superiority seeking people.

Many call us "intolerant" and "rude" and "crazy". That's fine by me, what people call me means nothing because I know they are just words. They can only hurt me as long as I allow them to hurt me.

I used to not be the same Christian I am now. I didn't know anything about God - nothing at all. I didn't know who He was, what He was, or anything about Him and his creations at all. When I first came to Christ it was in an environment where God didn't "make" me come to Him or force me to "accept" Him.

I know many have debates on Predestination or Free Will. I cannot say for sure if this was my fate or it was purely out of free will. But, I believe God gave me a Choice. A choice whether or not to accept the fate to follow Him or to reject Him.

I choose the path to follow Him, to know Him and to love Him. I didn't even know who Jesus was, I didn't know all the pain and suffering He went through for me.

For whoever reads this, know that Jesus was on the Cross, thinking about you. Me, and everyone else. Now, we don't have to sacrifice innocent little lambs and doves and bulls. I don't think I could have done that. I would hate to see a little lamb, so precious and beautiful and fragile, have his throat slit and his blood shed.

I know God didn't either. He loves every single animal just as much as He loves us. He loves the little finches and sparrows and hummingbirds that I feed everyday, who I smile and talk to everyday. Even in the frigid morning cold I get up to scoop seeds and feed them so that they are full, and that in the springtime their babies get all the nutrition that they need.

When I see the little baby birds it brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. How wonderful is it when a mother feeds her baby? It is a wonderful thing.

God looks down at me in the same way. He could have forgotten me when I was disobedient to Him - but no, He sat there and waited patiently for me to come to him.

Like a young foal goes to get his first drink from his mother, the mare, God is like a parent to me. When someone tries to hurt me He is there to protect me. I know and trust Him and put my faith in him.

Even if I will be matryed during the Great Tribulation I know that I have something better for me. I know that one day I will see my God again, that all my pain and suffering will leave me forever. I will be a new person, someone else, someone different from who I am right now writing this.

Hopefully, whoever reads this is blessed and that one day I will see you, my friend, in Heaven. One day I will be able to lay safely next to the bear, and the lamb graze next to the wolf.

God bless,



:cool::) The eyes of the Lord go to and fro throughout all the earth to show Himself strong on the behalf of those whose heart is mature and complete towards Him!:D


My dear, nearer. What a beautiful testimony of God's love and saving knowledge. Thankyou for sharing from your heart.