Why it should be easy to accept the Gospel


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We know that there is a God. Whoever He might be, we know that He is there. It's hard to explain, we just know .

And we know that there is an afterlife. It's harder to minimize the body to just a body than to accept the reality of hell and the fact that we have a soul and that it is going somewhere after death.

Eternal life is something that just about everyone wants. No one wants to die. Yet they refuse to get it through the only way possible: Jesus Christ.

And the absolute perfection of natural laws is evidence of God, of a Creator. We know that. We see that.

And there is much more. We know that God is real, and that the things that the Bible teaches are true. We know. Eternity is written in our hearts, whether it be eternal life or eternal hell. But when we try to understand with our carnal minds, we can't. We just know , and we can't explain it.