Jul 7, 2007
I have a Wii and it is pretty cool. Some of the games do make you literally sweat! It is great for keeping you in shape. ;)

Sometimes though the controls can be confusing but if you're willing to try and figure it out I think you should invest in one.

Jun 30, 2007
Well, WiiSports doesn't give a good glimpse of what the Wii is capable of. The hardware can support visuals as stunning as the 360, but the whole "Mii" concept is intended to look cartoon-y. If we could create ourselves too realistically some people may get offended! :D

The newest Nintendo generation starting with the Nintendo DS is completely experimental. Nintendo didn't want to create another cliché home console because they knew Microsoft (360) and Sony (PS3) would already satisfy players in that area. Nintendo wanted to create something to enable the most creative minds to express their idea's without limitation.

In the end; it's about the entertainment and you're saving $200-$400.
The Wii is still new, all the games released are to understand how players will react to them, that's the main reason all the video games feel like short mini-games. In time, the Wii will give us excellent games.

I love my Wii, and I trust Nintendo. I also enjoy exercising with it. You don't realize you're exercising because you're having fun. I think that's a major plus for the Wii.

Also, check this out. Nintendo will be releasing a new controller for the Wii called "WiiFit" It teaches you yoga and gives you a schedule to exercise! It will also monitor your health to see if you are improving or not.


Also, here's a video ;)