Will Christ or Church do the Fighting?

Will Christ or Church do the Fighting?

Whitelioness -You must have concluded this topic so quickly!
I missed the opportunity and I need to say this:
Always as going by my knowledge:

The Armageddon whole bit of the End Time is double fold. We have the AntiChrist fighting bloodily in the First part and the second Part is extreme: Christ Our Lord descends at an unknown time to meet him that fights to sit on the Throne of the Most High. How precise is it going to be, that it is at Megiddon, Christ will find Him and his Army? Because the AntiChrist will build his Royal Tents between the seas.ie At Jerusalem's Holy Temple Mount. This story is the saddest in my opinion touching the End Time Prophecy(Which doesn't have alot of goodies). Saddest because contrary to all opinions by people (probably bent on wishes,) Antichrist will register the highest level ever achieved by man, of DEATHs. He will take the whole world by storm including his allies the Libyans, Nubians etc. He will successfully slay the young and old, good and bad, all races everywhere EXCEPT Jews, who he will be thirsting and hungering to find.(By this time the Church is raptured).
Interesting theory. My gues would be the gathering of the world armies that accepted Christ during teh Tribulation will the the ones who suffer the losses. When Christ coems, I believe the church will already be with Christ as his Army. As I suggested in my other post, we will not be fighting, in my opinion. We are there to give glory and honor to the Lamb of God, who will only speak to defeat the armies of the Antichirst.
:israel:It may be a very good idea to do a full study of Matt. chapter 24, Mark chapter 13, and Luke chapter 21.

Jesus (The Lord Himself) is asked a question by the deciples, and the question is: when will the end come, Or the end of this world age.

The Lord then begins to reveal unto them, Step by step, all the events leading up to the anti-christ and how it will be while he is here.

Jesus also reveals to the deciples what He expects from His own durring this time, and this is where is said: I will shorten the days (of the anti-christ), for the very elects sake, or there would not be any flesh saved.

Now the statement: I will shorten the days for the very elects sake, automaticly lets you know that the "elect" will be here durring the time of the anti-christ.

In another scripture, the Lord said: you will be brought up before their synagouge's (places of worship of the anti-christ), to give witness, and not to meditate on that which you are to say or do, because in that hour the Holy Spirit would speak threw you.

Jesus went on to say: that even the gain sayers would be convinced from that which the Holy Spirit would speak threw you, just as on the day of pentacost.

He said that many would be delivered up unto "death".

Who is "death" ?

Satan, deguising himself as the true Christ.

And when will the Lord say, "enough".

Three and one half days after satan kills the two witnesses whom God sends to prophesize (teach the true message), and return the hearts (minds) of the children back unto their true fathers. The whole world will hear the truth from God himself, threw the two witnesses.

God said: touch not my anointed, (speaking to satan), and when satan wars against the two witnesses, and overcomes them, and they lay dead in the street for the whole world to see, then is when the Lord said for those who live in Judah to flee into the mountains, because when the Lord sets his feet on the two mounts, all of Israel will be leveled and the beast and the false prophet will be cast into the bottomless pit, and satan will be chained in darkness, and the kingdoms of this world will have become the kingdoms of our God, as it is written.

OOOO Yes, the church will be here, and it will be active.


The plan of God for the Tribulations Salvation of the Church is known to Him only. I am however very encouraged by your writing, even having thought I am not in to gain anything via this writing. Sad? People have evaded the core study of the End, even in our own Churches where alot about healing and prosperity is the "big teaching."
After reading from you with a smile, I find common places where I can meet with you. And you can accompany me to serious reasoning and spiritual revelation knwledge. I raised the Rapture topic to find a true confirmation from Brethren that Rapture is actually recorded in the Bible.Or that Rapture will take place. - Only That. Today I will point out two items that drive me to embrace that likelihood, that it will happen:

1. Came the 1st Adam, then Enoc was Raptured there after, thereupon Destruction by flood closed the Chapter. Came the 2nd Adam(Jesus), the Rapture -expected, then Destruction by Fire eventually.

2. God gave us His Spirit and confirmed that He will be with us through it all. To the Jews He said flee ye to the wilderness. And that WILL HAPPEN. To the Church, are we going to burn at stake, helplessly with none to be saved? Won't antiChrist count himself already accomplished, to slay the whole world of vibrant believers?

I have always known the Rapture will happen to they full of Spirit, (am only being sincere) they who have sincerely loved God. The remnants will be the entire world of less-devout believers, not necessarily already yielded to God fully, by reason of religion or lukewarmness.

This in my opinion is God's Wrath to the world full of sin and disobedience. Why does the Church receive the wrath from their Master, and thei Only Hope?
Matthew 24:37 says that Christ's return will be totally unsexpected. It doesn't mesh with Scripture if he comes back for the Church after the Tribulation, as we will expect it.

Phillipians 3:20 says we should be looking for our Lord and Saviour. This verse does not mesh well if we must first look to the antichrist instead of our Lord.

1 Corinthians 15:52 says the Rapture is instintaneous. It carries the feeling of not knowing the time.

1Thessalonians 4:15-17 compliments 1 Corinthians 15:52 on the "last trump" reference. As in painting a picture that Jesus will call the Church to him.

As I keep saying, Pre-Tribulation Rapture makes sense. Why would God put us through the judgment of the whole world? Why would God let the antichrist kill the Elect? Why would we still be here to see the horrors and calamity of our unsaved family? It makes zero sense.

Those who follow Christ during the Tribulation are those saved after those of the Church Age are long gone.

I simply makes sense in this mindset. So I will wait for the blessed hope of the coming of my Lord, and look to the clouds for him. The antichrist doesn't interest me at all. So I won't be looking for him to see when my Lord is coming.
:) Matt. 24 - 37, cannot be properly understood unless you keep it in the contex with the rest of the subject of verse 38 and on.

What was happening in the days of Noah?

Verse 38: They were eating and drinking and giving in marriage, WHO?

Gen. chapter 6, the fallen sons of God, who looked upon the daughters of Adam (human women) and were taking them for wives and bringing forth children from them. HYbirds (men of renoun)

This is why God destoried the world then, to rid it of the Hybirds that he had never intended to be here. Half human and half angelic.

Jesus stated that it would be the same when he returns, as it was then.

This cannot happen until Rev. 12-7.

The apostle Paul warned us of this in 1 Cor. 11-10

So this informs us that satan and his army will be here (defacto) before the Lord returns, and doing the same as in Gen. 6

666 the mark of the beast, - the sixth seal, the sixth trump, and the sixth vial, all tell of satan in his roll as anti-christ and when he will be here to deceive the world.

The true Son of God (Christ), will not return until the seventh seal, the seventh Trump, and the seventh vial.

In 1 Cor. 15-52, the apostle Paul writes that, we all shall not "sleep" (as in 1 Thes. 4-13), but we all shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye, "at the LAST trump", which is the seventh trump when the Lord will return.

Paul said that we will not all sleep, which means that we will be here when the tribulation takes place.