Will Lightening Strike In The U. K.

That's right purtiful. I have a hard time believing I'll save $40,000+ a year on gas, since I only spend about $3100 a year. I do hope it can live up to its other claims, though. About all we have available now are electric mini cars that top out around 40mph and have a range of up to 40 mi. I'm betting that last 5 miles or so finds the top speed declining rapidly.

Give me an electric car which can maintain a sustained cruising speed of 60-65mph for 300 miles (or, say, 100 or more miles if it truly can be recharged in 10 minutes) for a reasonable price, and I will gladly dispense with one of my gas-burners.


I would prefer a self generating hydrogen station and car. Or an electric car that produced all it's own energy and electricity is not cheap. Either way gas prices will only get higher over the long run or at least until demand is decreased but alternative sources.
When someone comes up with a car that can continually provide its own power without having to stop and plug it in somewhere (where would you do that on a long trip?), then I will consider buying one--not that I'll be able to afford it. Someone will have to come up with "recharging stations" for those long trips.