will we become the children in heaven.

Pastor Gary

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Michael, that will be true for some of God's children whan they return home, but those who are Believers here on earth pretty much know what to expect when we are called back to God's domain. It is the person who is weak in their beliefs and uncertain about scripture here on earth that may possibly have an 'eye-opening' transition into the heavenly dimension.

While it is not specifically stated as such in God's Word, it is the opinion of many Bible students that we will all be approximately the same 'age' in Heaven... roughly the same physical age as Christ was when He died on the Cross; roughly 33 years old in earth years. But for those who are Saved, our eternal spiritual bodies are never-ending, so age means very little in heavenly terms.


One thing is for sure Mike we will be in awe of His greatness, goodess, holiness, beauty and the list will go on ad infinitum.


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i had it all m8 belly of a whale 3 days,was in a caravan in wales uk when i was mind probed.or something.weird time in my life.i,m pretty sensible,but was affected by spirit very much.