Windows 7

Windows 7

This is the new software to replace vista looks just like my vista ultimate...I am so disappoointed. I did look at some Mac...I would love one...but then the bank manager would also like me to have that kind of cash:eek:


Windows while far from perfect has a real advantage- it can be used almost anywhere with most software.
very true Bo

also techie, microsoft said if we have Vista now, there's no need to have windows 7. it will look a lot like Vista and basically function the same, I forgot the rest of the information. but vista is really great now and I am very happy with it, just make sure to keep windows updating with windows update :D:D:D

Mac.. my bro has one.. and he put windows xp on it also because many programs don't work in mac..
mac is only for a bit of looks, but honestly, not that much, I can modify vista to have the things of mac but don't need to, in my opinion and for me, vista is great looking =D