Windscreen Washer

These times when I'm going through my own problem are never easy as I find it hard to do things I otherwise would help with (really our household is where one needs to help the others to be functional)

My mother comes to me telling me my father had topped the washer bottle up but the washers were not working. Feeling a little better, I decided to try to resolve it. It sort of runs:

Me: There's a big black cover on the left you need to take off. Did you do that?
Dad: No
Me: Well where did you put the water?
Dad: There was this bottle with a sign on it. It looked as if it meant water. I't didn't take much.
Me: OK. I think I know what you mean. You didn't put anything in the one behind it with a couple of wires on?
Dad: The car's running fine.
Me: But if you did that it might have a problem stopping. How much water did you get in?
Dad: "That much" and only in the one place.

Anyway, I'm sure now he only filled the radiator expansion bottle and I have restored the washers for them.