Wireless Modem

Wireless Modem

Any suggestion on a good Wireless Modem? I'm using linksys at the moment.

I configured it for wired and wireless cause it comes with both.

Like do you wanna buy a new one or do you have something else in mind. Linksys is definitely a good brand to use...




We talking Router or Modem?????????

Are we talking just a wireless card?

xcortman gives good advice, stick with linksys
Linksys (Powered by Cisco), and D-Link are good options for home users as they are cheap and effective. They don't cut it for businesses usually. As with all Wireless Routers, they will have to be power cycled on occasion. Make sure you get the "N" wireless. Don't buy a B/G or A Radio as they are all obsolete and less superior at this point.
I had a Linksys Wireless Router that wasn't that good, but now I got a better one by Linksys and haven't have any problem with it so far.
Ive used several, so far my favorite so far is the cisco (yes, they own and make linksys) Theyre routers have treated me the best. Theyre typically a bar higher then linksys quality, and have some nice features that most linksys routers do not come with. Ive had some luck with trendnets G routers, but am not so happy with their N and newer rotuers. I would definetly spend the extra for a actual cisco router, personally.
glad you've had good experience, patriot. I've have too with their smart switches but after my experience with their RV180W router, quite frankly I am unlikely to buy a Cisco small business router again.

There have been known bugs with this router for at least six months and the best Cisco come up with is a beta firmware that maybe fixes one and you (I'm in the UK) have to dial them and submit a support report and then maybe have it escalated before they just might let you have it.

I've got a £100+ product of there's that won't even port forward with a ppoe connection. I'm using a £20 Bullion because it can't and that's not the only problem I've had.

Check out this thread at their support for example https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/2196509?tstart=0

Or browse that forum for more woes and inadequate responses.