WND Exclusive U.N. protocol used to regulate homeschoolers

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I wonder what they want us to do?...

Dumb our classes down to the same levels as the government schools? (Start teaching ebonics?)

I would have to hold my kids back two years for that.

As far as coming into my home and interrogating my children,...

They better bring lots of help and a lunch, because that would take awhile. :badidea:
For example, under the international document parents no longer would be allowed to administer reasonable spankings to their children, children would be granted the authority by the state to choose their own religion, the "best interest of the child" would govern all decisions and give the government the authority to override any parental decision, children would have a legally enforceable "right to leisure" and parents would be required to have their children attend state-sponsored sex education courts.

What kind of a socialist nut thought this stuff up??? :confused: Hitler??
What kind of a socialist nut thought this stuff up??? :confused: Hitler??
I'd say this guy must have a grudge against his parents and now he's taking it out on the rest of the world. My wife and I are planning to homeschool our kids because the same mentality that thought this refuse up is the same mentality that is sitting on our school boards and standing in front of the chalk boards in our schools right now. Will this also effect private schools I wonder. Our alternative would be a private christian academy(probably one associated to one of the local churches here) but those are quite expensive.
Will this also effect private schools I wonder.

I can't speak for North Carolina, but Here in Kansas we had to pay the state to start our own private school so that our children were not seen by the government as "truant" from their system.

(They make sure they get their money one way or another.)
We are actuelly licensed by the state as a private school. It isn't hard to do, but it is importand and it does cost.
I understand that Texas has the least restrictive laws of any of the states, parents are still allowed to be parents down there.

I just caution you, be sure you check out your state restrictions or you could find youself charged with truancy, and that gets SRS involved.