Woman Pregnant With 18th Child

All I can say is… she’s a better man than me.

Come on now, don‘t give me a hard time… you know what I mean. :D
Oh boy!

Thing is, I don't think you can possibly give the quality time a child needs to that many children, it just isn't possible. But I guess that's her decision. I wonder if there is an 18th child syndrome?
Keep in mind that this was the norm a 100-150 years ago - if the woman lived through it. :) Read the biography of Charles Wesley's mother. She was organized and schooled her children (don't remember how many but a lot), spent time individually with each one daily, devout to God, devoted to husband. I don't know if she had any servants or not. I am assuming she had some - but then we have washers and driers today.

I'm not advocating large families, though we had 5 children, but since it is not the norm people tend to shake their heads in wonder. At least they are Christian and he is not a polygomist. As for being tax exempt, I don't know if they have incorporated their family or not, but I have heard of it being done (prior to the Duggars). I assume they have developed a sense of "ministry" and therefore become tax exempt. The incorporation status gives them some sort of benefits as well.

No, my husband and I were not incorporated. We were simply in the poor house for many years. :)
I have to say that i find this absolutely disgusting.

If we havent got enough problems in this world without someone adding to the population in this manner.

The biggest problem that humanity faces is population control or the lack there of. Though it is horrible to say, this sort of thing should be stopped.

If this continues we will not be able to sustain life here on earth. Look at all the damage being done and with more mouths to feed the problem increases exponentially

Very very bad i think