Words of Encouragement.

Words of Encouragement.

Good evening everyone

I was surfing the net earlier and came across this site, I wanted to share an experience with others and hopefully gain some advice that will benefit me on my time of need. I am exactly of the age of eighteen; I live with my mother and a three-year-old sibling in a two-room apartment. Along time ago when I was Seventeen I believe I received a call from an individual whom was like a sister to me, she belongs to the Wicca faith and on the other line was one of her friends. My sister “ Which I’ll refer to her as “ always gives me advice on things that go on in life, always tries to cheer me on and always seems to make me smile. So we got into a discussion about life and death, we both came across the idea of being able to predict death “So we thought, “Her friend claimed to be some sort of psychic and said he was able to read into my future. Cheery me went along, hopped into this issue, and asked him “Could you possibly tell me when I’m going to die “Without notice he continued, and said I was going to die from natural causes when I was nineteen. At that time I didn’t pay mind, but being in the Christian religion for so long I’ve seen things that would somewhat make me question the ability of man. It bothered me for a while, for the next year when I turned eighteen, I started paying mind to what he said. As he was reading my future I remember telling him that I was going to go to the Marines, then he said “ Oh it’s a Death Certificate from the military! “ Which made me question his so-called gift?

Now I live an average life I suppose, the fourteenth is my birthday and I am going to be nineteen. The whole situation seems to be getting the best of me; I have been having random panic and anxiety attacks and often locked myself in the room. I refuse to go to church for the simple fact I feel as if I cannot find my place there. I am able to read the bible because I give up so easily. I feel a calling of the lord and sometimes want to kneel in tears; everything just gets to me with unbelievable stress.

Some input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to request many prayers, not cause of this situation rather for my health and family.
No one can predict your fate or your death!
Only God knows these answers.
Satan is a liar. A fact!
You can control your own fate though and there is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ.
There is no other way.
Do get on your knees and cry out to The Lord!
He is speaking to you, you must know that!
I am praying for you!

Hi and welcome.
Violet is 100% correct!
The answer is to put your trust in Jesus not the words of some person who says that they can predict the future.
God warns us very clearly to keep away from such things.
He loves you.
He died for you
He rose again from the dead.
He has a plan for your life.
Trust Him.
God loves you and He gives us love for you brother so I think your name is a missnomer! NO devil in hell can rest you from this earth until God is ready for you to come home- NO devil in hell knows God's heart or mind and NO prophecy that finds it's source outside the Spirit of God can be accurate- SO RELAX!
God indeed has a plan for your life and you will find that plan as you began to spend more time in fellowship, reading His Holy Word and seeking Him in prayer- enjoy your long life young man- may God's blessings and peace fill your heart- your brother Larry :D
Thanks for those true spoken words, everything seemed so overwhelming but now i feel as if a big burden has been lifted from my shoulders. It is as you say, perhaps i will live a long life and i will enjoy that time.

I'll pray for ya, but I really doubt you're going to die at 19. You'll be fine. ;)

If these people are telling you you're going to die and such, maybe you should find a new friend or something?
Keeping you and your family in prayer. I cannot predict the time of a person's passing and neither can this person who saw your future cut short. It is much wiser to listen to the Creator and not the created. When you walk with Yeshua you can can be assured that only He controls your destiny and MAN cannot place a time scedule on your life. God Bless my friend.
If you believe in their ability enough, you will fulfill their prophecy on your own. If you believe strongly enough that you will die, subconsciously, you will probably find a way to make it happen. Doesn't make the prediction real.
Thanks once again for those who replied to my thread.

A couple of nights ago i spoke about this with a close friend of mine. He also said: Perhaps this is his own way of inflicting death mentally. It also goes to show you how critical the mind is to the human body and how it can bring about physical pain by just thoughts alone.