Working from Home?

Working from Home?

I was just curious if anyone had any good ideas for making a little extra cash every month? My wife and I are going to be buying a condo, and having a child, and we're okay money wise, but would like to be able to put more aside to save for the future! Any ideas would be appreciated!

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It might be helpful if you mentioned some interests, skills, education or experience? :)

Most businesses today are home based, and a large number of companies are offering home based positions in order to save on space, utilities, workers comp, etc.
It's home based market out there!!!

But what sort of work are you looking for?
Some of my interests and skills are working with computers. I currently work as a Help Desk Specialist, but I've done some small work as a web designer in the past. I also love to work on cars. However, I was also thinking it would be cool if there was something my wife and I could do together! So when I get home from work it wouldn't be like me going to work again, it would be us enjoying time together too!
My hubby is a car and motorcycle fanatic. He had his own online store and store front for motorcycle parts and accessories. When we closed the shop we worked from home on the website he built and on eBay. We had of course dealerships with places like Parts Unlimited (which you had to spend minimum $10,000 a month to keep the account). Now we just sell crash cages on eBay regularly to keep extra cash coming in, plus we have about $20,000 of car/motocycle parts we can fall back on for extra cash when business winds down. (or to purchase anything for his project vehicles)

So eBay is a great way to bring in some extra cash. I have heard that some people will go to auctions on the weekend and purchase a lot of something and list on eBay and make huge profits. :)

Just a suggestion :)
work from home

When you are looking for a work at home opportunity you MUST do your research, ask questions and find out what the company is all about. Like how they market their products or services. There are many good companies out there as well as bad companies. The company I choose to work with is called AmeriplanUSA. I have been with them since 2006 it has changed my life. There are many stay at home mom, dads, teachers, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, and college students that are on our team. If you want to find out more about who we are and what we do and how we can help you and your family feel free to send me a message. This may or may not what you are looking for but, its at least away for you to be able to make some extra income. I wish you all the best in your search may God bless you.

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I am looking into that as well and it is disheartening to see just how many scams there - be careful and prayerful!
Yeah, I'll do some research. I've been pulled into a lot of scams and have come to the conclusion that anything that you have to pay a lot of money for to get started is not worth it at all! That's why I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any idea's or past experiences. Sending you a PM Tanya
actually I don't think you can send PM's yet, so if you could send me one when you have that ability that would be great.
Doing something you enjoy is very important for any "additional" income. As you mentioned, when you are already tired from a day's work, additional work can seem like a heavy load. Skill comes with doing, so if you target something you really want to do, then the rest will often come with time.

If you are comfortable designing/building websites, you and your wife could start a site or two about topics of special interest. The income can come from advertising. That can be a lot simpler than trying to sell products or service online (although becoming a merchant is not so difficult if you enjoy selling).

Google and similar ad network services (like Commission Junction, etc.) make it pretty easy to put ads on blogs and other websites. The ads with these services are usually keyed to topics on the pages. The system is by no means perfect, but it can allow you to focus attention on your own interests instead of spending time selling ad space, billing/collecting for ads, and so on.

I started a couple of very simple sites a few years ago and now have a decent income from ads on those and other sites. Not enough to live on but enough to make my time and effort worth while. I don't sell anything. I just do what I enjoy doing. The ads do the rest.

I prefer any kind of truly independent business income over joining any of the sales and marketing programs out there. That's just how I'm wired, I guess. I actually enjoy sales and marketing, but find it difficult to get excited about anything built on hype and manufactured enthusiasm. Many great products and services are ruined, in my opinion, by the silly schemes developed to sell them.

There seems to be a new program that's recently been released for people wanting to work at home. Its basically on how to make money using Twitter. I read the review and it seems that there are only a few steps go get started. I think im going to give it a try soon..:)

If anyone is interested PM me and ill share the details..



There seems to be a new program that's recently been released for people wanting to work at home. Its basically on how to make money using Twitter. I read the review and it seems that there are only a few steps go get started. I think im going to give it a try soon..:)

If anyone is interested PM me and ill share the details..


Be careful my friend.
Money should be the result of something we've produced by our own efforts, I feel. And the work we do should be satisfying to us, even without a financial reward. I find that even an unpleasant job, can be satisfying if I come away knowing that I've done the work well, and produced an end that's worthwhile. My point is, although I know nothing of what sort of work this is, is making money like this really going to make you feel you've accomplished something worthwhile?:)
A couple of suggestions - since you have experience in web design, why not approach some of the businesses in your area and offer to design/maintain a web site for them?

Alternatively, sign up with as an affiliate, find products that you like and are happy to promote, and build an info web site around that topic, with links to the products you are promoting.

If you want to work with E-bay, check out dropshippers - companies that will allow you to take orders for their products and refer them directly to the company, and they handle all the invoicing, shipping etc.


The only problem with drop shippers is they generally rip you off. I have not found one yet that actually gives discount prices.
If you're good with computers and/or web design, you might want to try or I'm not sure if it costs anything to sign up with Rentacoder, but I do know you can sign up with Elance for free. You bid on jobs you would like to do. If you win the bid, you complete the job and get paid. It's very simple, and Elance is VERY careful to make sure their clients get paid. They have a great record. I've been with them for a while and have been very pleased. Free membership does have a limit of three bids, so if you want more than that, you'll have to pay a membership fee ($10/month if I remember correctly).
I started an online buisiness werkin at home call Ameriplan. it is BBB certifide among others. I need a extra income cuz of my back cant do the physical werk i been doing for 35 years.

Would it be OK to post my web site here. It has a lot of information. I also need you know what.........Peeps!! i will explain it later. it can save you and make you a lot of moola. God wants us to prosper if it is an honest buisiness. It is

Im excited to get started.well I all ready have but have not spread the word to far.

Shill pm me and we can talk. God wants us to prosper.....everybody!!!!!!! HE will provide. Amen

Chili out
BTW Ameriplan gives you 5 web sites all ready built to order. It is yours to play with plus personal training 1 on 1 jus pm me I'll explain. i been in it 1 week n it is takin off!!
I'm gettin ready to fire MY BOSS. i'm serious.

Chili out
I am new to this forum so I am sorry if I step out of line a bit. I am working a business from home in my spare time. It is a online greeting card company. It has changed my wife and my life. We are excited because it fits right into our Christian values and is all about sending love to people through greeting cards and gifts. We are on a mission to honor people on their birthdays and anniversaries, and of course Christmas and other holidays. Then we help other people do the same thing. Our motto is "Changing lives one card at a time".

We hope you will check it out if it sounds interesting to you. We also hope to get to know some new life long and eternal freinds.

God Bless you all!
Grace & Peace everyone!

Building websites, blogging with Google Adsense are great ways. Also, if you have an expertise in a field like marketing, going green etc., you can do consulting work as well.

You can make money as well by writing articles with,

When you write an article you can promote it on sites like this, digg, stumbleupon, twitter, facebook etc to bring more traffic to the site and as visitors click on the ads the revenue is share with you. Thats just another way to earn a passive monthly income.

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