World's Hottest Curry

World's Hottest Curry

In honor of the Texas Chili thread in the humor section, I thought I'd post this news article that I heard on the radio a day or so ago......

World's Hottest Curry

Click the link above to read the article. A restaurant in London wanted to create the world's hottest curry. They make people sign a disclaimer before eating it, and people have experienced symptoms such as increased heart rate and dizziness.


That almost sounds spicy enough for Cajun cooking.:p
I would love to get some of that curry. I use jalapeno peppers in a lot of foods. If not then I use hot red pepper. If it doesn't burn my mouth, it isn't good. I had a British woman give some English curry that was pretty hot, and I really enjoyed it.
I like jalapenos, but since we've had these crazy salmonella attacks everyone is all paranoid to even touch one.

Thai chillies are H-O-T. Me, and my mother, and my grandmother love Thai food, and it's so those little red chillies that get you. Wooeeee!

But I do love some spice on my fried tofu....:D


The curry is so hot that diners are asked to sign a disclaimer confirming they are aware of the risks involved before daring to eat it. ............... On the Scoville scale of piquancy, the Naga scores 855,000 -- more than 100 times hotter than the jalapeno, which measures 8,000 on the scale.