Writing Songs.

Writing Songs.

Hi guys.

I would like to try and write some worship music, lol.
I would like to know from anyone, including worship leaders how you write a song, ect and how you write the music for the song ?
Any advice would be great!



I can't offer you any advice really but I wanted to say that is awesome that you want to do that, B2LY!
I would begin with the music.

You will need a chorus (refrain) and stanza(s).

Dont worry about the lyrics yet, just the mood.

When you get a tune that you like, something that really flows, then I would begin on the lyrics.

Personally, (All of this is just my own personal advice. This may not work at all for others.)

I recommend working it like a Sermon.
1. Pick a theme.
(What are you trying to say, is there a storyline?)

Stay on track with the theme you select.

2. Reserch inspirational writings, comments based on that theme.

3. Tape record yourself "goofing around" with the song. Make up lyrics as you go, right off of the cuff. Trying to be funny, serious, even rediculous. Let the Spirit guide you.

4. Send me a copy! I'd love to hear your results.

I'll be praying for a powerful message. :)
Wow, thanks for your replies.

CSchultz, do you have to put lyrics to certain chords or drum beats ect ?
I think as long as each accented syllable is spoken/sang at th same time of a beat. :)
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica]Behold He COMES riding on the CLOUDS,
Shining like the SUN at the trumpet CALL;
Lift your VOICE, it's the year of jubiLEE,
And out of Zion's HILL salvation COMES.
^Days of Elijah chorus
CSchultz, do you have to put lyrics to certain chords or drum beats ect ?

When it comes to music, I don't believe in "have to's"

Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands I have ever heard, especially from an emotional, thought provoking perspective, and they broke every "rule" in the book when it comes to music composition.

CSchultz gave you a good suggestion on how to get started. I have on idea the best way to begin, but my wife has written Christian music (Songs), she also has a CD out. Some of the music on there was created by others (well known) and some of it was composed by her. The way she begins is that she writes the lyrics first, poem or so forth or whatever God puts on her heart, then she will sit down at the piano or key board and begin to put the music together. This is just another idea. Keeping you in prayer. Let the heart (Holy Spirit) create the blessing.