Xbox gamers?

i also love playing games:Dkeeps me at home:) but im not xbox altough im slowly saving up for either a xbox or a ps3,i think im gonna go for a ps3 bec of more possibilities in the future:)
same here oogii i love games and it keeps me at home =D or else i'd go crazy since it's cold here in canada lol.
but i only play on the computer =D and laptop sometimes.
there's fable 2 that's new for xbox 360, wish it was for pc :( I love RPG's.
Aww you guys should really get an Xbox 360. They are really amazing. You can watch movies, play demos, get arcade games, even stream netflix videos off your Xbox. And to be honest, the PS3 doesn't have good games compared to the Xbox. And though the PS3 may have a blu ray, games are always the reason for a console. And Xbox Live is the best :p
I am curious, is there any xbox 360 gamers on this site? I love playing games, and was just wondering if anyone else on here did.
Im mainly a PC gamer. My brother has an Xbox 360, he bought one of the old white ones which gave us that heating trouble. It kept switching off every now and then, eventually got the 3 red lights. But now he has got something called the XBOX 360 (Ultimate), pardon me for not knowing the right name...He plays online too..

I do play on his xbox now and then but i feel more comfy on the computer....

So what games do you play??

You know why they call the the XBox 360?

Because when you see it you spin 360 degrees in an overly excited manner and play some really awesome games!
(offshoot of the "turn 360 and walk away" gag)

I got one. Have several games. Cannot bring myself to play Fallout 3 on it during the night. WAY to unnerving seeing normal places that have been partially destoyed by nuklear war; like schools or office buildings.

I also make a DARN good sniper on the FPSs
I think they called it the xbox 360 not only because you spin around with excitement but also because of its flexibility in the sense that you have achievements, gamer cards, playing online etc etc..But the PS3 and other consoles have none of this sort...I like the 360:D
PS3 does have trophys also they play station home and FREE online play and some of the best games for PS 3 have yet to come out like God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII