Yahoo Answers Evangelism

There is a great opportunity to share your faith with people asking on yahoo Answers. Google it. find the religious section. People asking questions about God every minute every day. We need lots of people answering.
Great idea. Have you have any good experiences you could share with us? I know you can never fully know the impact of answering, but was wondering if you had anything you could share with us.
I just noticed that Craigslist has some of the same in their discussion forums. But it can be a very tuff crowd that is watching. Lots of athesits there mocking any Christian related quetsions and answers.

Have you tried it there?

(By the way, I found your original post funny. "....on yahoo Answers. Google it .....") HAHA. Using Google even for yahoo answers.
even have a religion forum as well..but really hard to keep track of your post as so many people post as well
I have never responded to anything on Craigslist. I was hoping others had and could share their experiences.