Yesterday at midnight.

Yesterday at midnight.

Stayed awake through the night
Wrote this without a source of light.
Sat up pondering upon the questions in my mind
Searching for answers that I couldn't find.

Prayed that He'd show me He's real
Or that when I needed Him He'd be near.
Prayed for a reprise from toothache - that He did not give
Prayed for a heavy rain - that He gave for relief

Though the moment of escape was brief,
It did serve to refine my belief
That when I stop asking,
I may then start to receive.

How that works out, I do not yet know
But you could pray a personal prayer, that He'd show
And then He'd grant you knowledge, and the understanding will flow
Everything will click,but it may be too much at one go - so don't blame me should you radiate a glow.

(ps,it was really done in the middle of the night so I'm sorry if it doesn't seem to make sense..Also I've noticed that the last line's a tad too long,so I'd love it if someone could give me tips on improving this.. thanks :D)
really like this.. it is heart felt.. alwyas know that HE is real, and will come in HIS time, though to us, it might not be when we want..

And I hear you about the toothache, worse than cdhildbirth in my opinion.


Awww. Praying for your tooth situation.

Loved the poem, that was awesome!

He will show you He's real. It may happen tonight. Please check your PM inbox.