Yesterday Marked Five Years That My Girlfriend and I Have Been Dating.

All I can say is that it has been a wonderful five years and I wouldn't give them up for anything!

When you come from a marriage where you are walking on eggshells constantly, and arguing constantly. Where your spouse was mentally abusive and on several occasions, physically abusive. Having a relationship where none of those things happens and you actually lift each other up, encourage and talk out disagreements without fear of walking on eggshells or having hands go around your neck, is truly a blessing.

I cannot say it enough! This relationship is the best I have ever had!!


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That's good, naomanos; đź‘Ť

My wife and I got married when she was 27 and I was 28. I come from a marriage where we had our early rounds of walking on eggshells, disagreements and arguing through the years. Those hard knock experiences from our mistakes, and mixed with the joy of being together actually solidified our relationship. I have to say as we matured each year in Christ, He got us through, not around, another anniversary.

As far as mental and physical abuse, I was raised a gentleman by my parents and passed that on to my wife.
Praise God for His glory.

When I was about 46 I truly feel our marriage went to the next level and from our mistakes we learned to minimize them and accept each other's flaws as the Lord got us past them.

This year we celebrated 36 years and, yes, we still bump heads but its so different now. We go into prayer alot, discuss honestly and the Bible covers every circumstance that a married couple can go through and this is the Lord's guide for us.

It works!

My wife and I actually laugh more and sleep better these years. What breaks my heart is we talked about the day one of us will go be with the Lord before the other. She said I could go first. lol!

Back to you and your girlfriend. I believe she was there for you when you were sick recently. After 5 years it would seem you both have learned so much about each other. My prayer is the Lord will cover you both with peace with each other and prosperity.

God bless
you, naomanos, and your girlfriend.


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Congratulations. Learning how to love another is a process, I've found. It is easy to let conflicts, troubles or circumstances get in the way instead of working through them and trusting God. The more time that goes by the more we come to mutually understand how to deal with life's ups and downs.