Yet another prayer request :/


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Yet another prayer request :/

A lot of the times, I don't share my testimonies. On here, I have. Because it's the Internet. But in real life, I just feel guilty. Because my parents haven't accepted the term "abuse." And I'm really not allowed to talk about it. But the abuse was part of my testimony. Even though I sometimes blame myself for getting hit and getting bloody noses, part of me knows it's not my fault.

But my family swept it under the rug. And it has remained under the rug for years. It is still under the rug. My family says that this wasn't abuse. (Giving a 14-year-old girl bloody noses repeatedly isn't abuse, I guess.). I can't talk about my sexual abuse, because I already forgave my cousin and I don't want to bring up the past.

But this is my testimony. And I want to reach out to girls who go through this. How can I get over this and just talk about it?! I know that God wants me to use my testimony for young teen girls, but how can I when my family hasn't even accepted these things? I can't even talk about it!