You all know

You all know

I have told so many times about my precious kitties Dusty and Midnight and want to tell you how I got them .

Dusty was a stray given to me by a friend and when I took her to the vet to be fixed , well, he said he could not because she was pregnant so she had the kittens and I found homes for them all except this skinny , scrawny one, the runt of the litter .

When this black cat was a kitten , mother Dusty would carry him all the ways up two flights of stairs ( Town house with lots of stairs ) and drop him on my bed as if to say ... " you look after him " and then she would go back down to her litter. Well it turned out it was always at midnight so thus he got named Midnight and I kept him . So I have mother and son .

He he ....:D:D:):) Funny you should say that cause a few years ago I used to have a canary that someone did not want but unfortunately he died .... but what a singer he was.
Can I say awwwwwwwwwww. They are beautiful Dusty and what a sweet story about how midnight got her name.

Precious I tell ya....just precious.

I :heart: animals.

Blessings, Cheri
I put that in another post so as not to Hijack yours.

Actually, that cat is pretty cool, and he just sat there on my lap.

He just doesn't understand why people laugh at him when they look at him now. :D

I miss having cats, but they don't have much of a life expectancy out here.
Ok No problem .... My cats are 10 yrs old The two of them are so affectionate that sometimes I have to tell them to stop as they talk all the time . They follow me everywhere , just like a dog .