You gave me a heart

Apr 18, 2009
Metro Manila
You gave me a heart


Lord, I sometimes sit in my room,
All full of gloom,
You gave me a heart,
But! where do I start?
I feel all down,
Everything has fallen on me,
And nothing seems sound,
I come to you on bended knee,
In the distance I see the light,
Why am I trying to fight?
When you have already won,
Help me Lord to see,
You are the only one,
My heart full and heavy,
You are the one to lift the load,
Lead Lord to the right road,
It is only thro you I can have peace,
Help me to clean out my heart,
Then it will be in one piece,
You are the One who can show
Where I went wrong,
So many times I know I'm slow,
Yes! Lord I will sing a new song,
Take my heavy and sad heart,
Take me Lord,
Help me to make a new start,
Take my life and let it be
Full of love for Thee.

written by Ramon 13/12/09