you need Jesus and time

evil gets very boring in a short ammount of time.lets get out of this dump world soon.:groupray:
It is so and will remain so:
1. Because you are a new creature.
2. You are wired for a more meaningfully righteous place.
3. You are ministered to by the Spirit of God, whom this world is not the favourite place. And won't you therefore be like Him due to that?
4. Your heart and mind is expectant. So the pending must come forth, and He is Jesus; For which therefore the world cannot take you to your absolute enjoyment, and cover up for your expectancy.
5. You are aware that you and me are full of weaknesses, the ideal is missing.
6. You share in the sufferings of Christ. Your hope for the end of suffering is therefore a nature conceived from within you.
7. Boring? Yes because Heaven will not be boring; and this world is incomparable to it.=Charles

You make me think, I like it! Think for me the 8th and the rest pls.
A place in the Bible, Moses is seated in the scorching sun, and sees Angels and Him The Lord standing before him. (((( Moses must have been very bored in the sun, a man aged 75yrs without a son nor a promise. And the Lord visits! Is there any sin or mistake in being bored? I request you to be productive and when you get a challenge to do an error, a mistake, or sin, let you opt for boredom than sin.))))