Your Personal Experiences

Your Personal Experiences

What are some of your personal experiences you have had from the Lord? From the most minimal, to the most spectacular and amazing, let everyone know. I know Ill be posting some of mine in this thread. Im eager to hear what everyone else has witnessed from our powerful God and our savior Jesus Christ :smiley90:
:smiley90: wow Ive had so many of them I dont know which one to share :smiley90:

once in a very emotional circumstance after praying I heard
"I am here" it was when I was really "seeking" Jesus , I never forget it :smiley40: prayer is VIP ya'll no matter if it is short or long ,so long as it comes from the heart :smiley90: .
My greatest experience was the day I called on the Lord to forgive and save me, and He DID! There is also the great experience I had of going to Bible college, although I could only afford to be there for 3 semesters. I don't regret that experience. There is the great experience of using the singing talent the Lord gave me for His honor and glory--giving Him praise, honor and glory in song! There is the great experience of leading another to Christ and knowing you have brought another to Him out of the darkness!

Well, interesting! A few minutes ago I was just a "Partial member", and now it says I am a "Full member."
I was just saved this past September but being saved is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. As soon as I got done admitting that He is my God and I allow Him to enter my heart and take over my life, I had the greatest joy ever! I said this prayer at about noon and for the entire day and night I couldn't keep a smile off of my face. He just filled me up with such awesome joy and relief; it was truly amazing.
Right after I asked God into my heart, I asked Him for a sign that showed me He was there.
Then came thunder and wind. No lightning. No Rain.

I feel certain this was God