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Okay, I am not from your country but your convo intrigued me and I checked out where the original chatter started. There are two glass jars with glass lids on the right of that computer table just behind the bottle of Evian. They are supposedly called"Yankee Candles" :) already spotted it! great xox
Yah, Yankee candles come in jars with lids lol.
Euphemia, I saw them candles.
Behind the evian... water bottle. Those candles must not want to be burned as they are in camo - in class containers, complete with lids on and all.
I was looking for an open candle, as we always keep candles "open".

LOL! I see them! What makes them "Yankee Candles"? Is it the scent? I've had candles in jars before!
LOL We get them at the Air Force base about an hour from here...


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