Your suggestions and feedback are really important


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Your suggestions and feedback are really important

I have to admit that CFS would not be possible if it weren't for God
and the CFS team
and the valuable contributions and suggestions from the members.

I still remember the one of the first members to offer me suggestions for this forum. It was only after he left us that I implemented it and then we grew so large. So I value suggestions a lot. It may take me some time to implement them because of various reasons but I'll assure you they will be taken into serious consideration.

So post your feedback whenever possible.

God bless you heaps!! :)
Here is a request from one of the members.

I am new to this forum and I wanted to make an observation. I find it very difficult to find things on this forum. For me the subforums are very confusing.

An example would be that in the area for prayer and praise there is suposed to be room for testimonies also...but I am hesitant to even post my testimony there because I think it will just get lost in that forum.

Why not make some new forums instead of having some of the subforums.

When my poem I post was moved from generla to a subforum by a moderator I could not even find it for awhile...things are not very clear on this site and I am having a lot of troubles navigating it. I dont know what to post were.

Can we maybe have a forum for testimonies and one for poetry and writings?


I informed the member that I would pass this on to the administrator.

As far as the picture that I sent to you. I have been trying to change my background picture and using old ones that I use to use and I am getting the message "Has invalid properties: Background Image."
Hi Jeff!
I'm so happy to be back!

k, i did have one problem, i went to change my profile page and the new background took, but it will not change my new colors for borders and text boxes. I tried saving each one individually and then saving all changes, but couldn't get it to work that way either. hmmm, i have's no idea:)
whew! I thought i was just losing it sis:)
hehe, i tried over and over and can't get it, i have a fall pic now with lime green nd pink, i thought of you when i posted the one above cuse i know how much you love to do your page to:)..
let me know if you figure it out sis!

Whenever someone tried to place a picture on my profile page to say hello, I am getting a "x" inside of a box. Something is wrong with images on my profile. I can't change my background picture, cannot change border colors and now, I can't receive any images from people.
i tried to change the colors again today too sis, still nothing. it shows up nice in the preview box at the bottom of the control panel page, but when i hit save all changes and go back, it is the same thing..JEFF WE NEED NEW PROFILES!!:) hehe, we are in profile change withdrawl:)