Your Wish Is Granted But.......

I love this game! I love to see how creative people get!!
Ok, so this is how it works: You post what your Wish would be. The Next Poster grants it BUT with a twist! Seeing as I will be starting this off I have no wishes posted above so I can't twist one. BUT when you reply you must twist the poster before your's wish, then tell us your wish and see how it gets twisted!!! Example below:

Poster 1: I wish dinner could cook itself
Poster 2: Your wish is granted BUT knowing it can cook itself it takes off to never be seen again and your stuck cooking!!
I wish I had a million dollars
Poster 3: Your wish is granted BUT it's all in pennies!!

and so on.. any questions don't hesitate I tried to make it as easy as I could to help you understand so lets get started!!!

I wish I owned a chocolate factory!
Poof! You now own a chocolate factory. But now you can't sleep at night because all those Oomp Loompa songs are stuck in your head and you can't get 'em out. No wonder the former owner was a bit unhinged. Oompa Loompa doompa da dee! AAAgh! Make it stop!

I wish I had a new pickup.
" I've got another puzzle for you!" HAHA!

Your wish is granted but you never described what kind of "pickup" it could be so you went to pickup the movie you reserved which was Star Wars Return Of The Jedi but someone messed up and gave it away and the only movie left to rent was GLITTER!!!!! :confused:

I wish I had someone else to clean my house for a change!
Poof! Your wish is granted. Your house has now been cleaned by an Indian using cow dung and urine. What a pleasant smell in the air!

I wish I had Einstein's brain.
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Your wish is granted BUT the brain only sits next to you in the jar of formaldehyde and sits on your fireplace mantel for you to admire!!!

I wish it would stop raining and finally clear up!
Zot!! Your wish is granted. You are now an Acid Bath and your Partner is an Alkali; your children are made of salt.

I wish I were able to pedal faster