Zoom H4 UK only.

Apr 28, 2014
Had offered this to a charity but I've not had a reply so I'll offer it here.

I have a Zoom H4 recorder up for grabs. This is the old model, not the newer Zoom H4n. A touch dated perhaps but it would still be an excellent tool for someone, eg. wanting to record something in a church. It's sound quality is very good and for the more ambitious has XLR inputs and phantom power (for condenser mics) so you can attach external mics to it..

Sorry about the UK restriction but I can't afford to post it elsewhere. That and the mains adaptor (can run battery and mains) is the UK type plug.

If anyone in the UK feels they could make use of this at least semi-pro audio device which can be hand held, drop me a PM and I'll put it in the post.
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Hello my friend.

If this has not gone yet, I will open it up to my congregation.