1. Jacqueline Gordon

    Cultivating an Intimacy with God

    One of the most remarkable things about the Gospel is that, through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, an intimate relationship with God is now possible. The word "Cultivate" means: 1. (Agriculture) to till and prepare (land or soil) for the growth of crops. 2. To improve or foster (the mind...
  2. SueJLove

    Fully Devoted

    Thursday, May 26, 2016, 4:58 a.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “A Believer’s Prayer.” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read 1 Corinthians 15 (select vv. ESV). Jesus Christ is not only God’s Son, but he is God, the second person of our triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He...
  3. SueJLove

    Refresh My Spirit, Lord

    Sometimes our bodies get tired and need rest. Other times our spirits get tired and need refreshed, i.e. our emotions sometimes get drained, or even our spiritual lives might feel like something is missing. Sometimes it is because we lack true Christian fellowship with the Body of Christ, and...
  4. SueJLove

    A Believer's Prayer

    Coming to faith in Jesus Christ means so much more than just Jesus forgiving us of our sins so that we can go to heaven one day. When we trust Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, we give our whole heart and devotion to him to obey him, to forsake our former lives of sin, and to follow him wherever...