1. B

    Do you want to teach the bible.

    Im a Teacher, and i can show you how. - - "How to teach the bible". Reader, If we look at that question from the point of view of "anointing", then this would be a "Teacher" called of God to be so, same as being called to be a Pastor, or a Evangelist,, etc. That's a little different, as that is...
  2. From Pieces To Peace

    How do you memorize Bible verses?

    When it comes to quoting scripture I am terrible at it. I can't remember the exact words mentioned in the verse and let's not even talk about citing the reference. IMO things that are worth memorizing are Jesus' spoken words, God's laws and promises to the people of Israel, and biblical advice...
  3. ChrisRyan


    Silence and Centering Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; - PSA 37:7 Confession: O Lord, we confess that we believe we are fully yours until we turn the page of the Bible and discover some teaching that we either we don’t like, don’t understand or with which we simply...