Do you want to teach the bible.


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Im a Teacher, and i can show you how.
"How to teach the bible".

Reader, If we look at that question from the point of view of "anointing", then this would be a "Teacher" called of God to be so, same as being called to be a Pastor, or a Evangelist,, etc.
That's a little different, as that is a specific call, and not that many have it, tho many think they are trying to have it.

So, setting that aside, if we rephrase the Q as ..."if you are a sunday school teacher"... "if you are a teacher of Religion in a College, or teach classes in a Seminary".....or, "if you want to teach a new convert"......then that is all sort of the same situation.

And here is how you do that...

First. You have to SEE that most of the NT is written by The Apostle Paul. And that includes nearly all "church doctrine".
So, right there you just realize that for you to be a real teacher, you have to become a teacher of "Pauline Theology".
Look that up.

Next. The bible is a book of Light that is written as words that are spiritually revealed.
The word is "truth and light"......vs......definitions and "here is how i put all these scriptures together, using logic and reason, to try to prove what i THINK it means.""""

So, to understand the word of God, you first have to be born again, and you next have to become this verse. You have to become it.

= Hebrews 13:9

The verse is the KEY that opens the NT. Its this.....>You have to understand the blood atonement as the Grace of God as the finished word if Jesus on the Cross, as "the gift of Righteousness", as "the Gift of Salvation".
Now, some who read what i just said, are almost.......>"yawn" that is so obvious to you......but the majority will thing.....>"what is all that".
So, that is why you have to become Hebrews 13:9, as its the deep understanding of "made righteous", and "in Christ", and "faith is accepted as righteousness", .....that has to become so clear to you, so obvious to you, that proves you are heart established according to Hebrews 13:9.

Until then, you'll teach legalism, and self saving, and never talk about the Cross or the Blood of Jesus. In fact, you'll talk around it on your way to more post that talk about commandment keeping, and Law, and water baptism.

Once you become that verse in you FAITH, once you are spiritually grounded, according to that verse in your FAITH, then God will begin to teach you, what you are to teach.

The best teacher is the one who disciple's converts, as this is the 2nd most important thing that will ever happen to a person.
In other words..........the main thing is that a person becomes born again, and the next main thing, is that they find a good teacher.
If you don't you'll end up in Hebrews 13:9, as what it is warning you what not to become.

The NT teaches you to..

1. Study
2. Rightly divide
3. Discern.

And Reader, those are all the same thing.
See, the bible is not read to be understood, its discerned to be revealed. In other words, you dont learn the bible by reading it, you read it to get the revelation from it, that is the "rightly dividing".

So, ALL THAT is what you must become, FIRST, if you are going to take up the teaching position, on a forum, or in a church.