“Gladly Enduring Infirmities”

Oct 8, 2011
Winfield, Mo.
It’s acceptable to take “trials” difficultly because by now it should be realized that God’s school of growth in Christ (Eph 4:15) is maintained by the method of sowing and reaping, of which process requires time traversed according to the amount the Timekeeper has predetermined; and the major element from which the increase arises within the sow-reap-time process is the latter!

It’s within the time element that the tests produce “patience” (Jas 1:3), and “in your patience ye possess your soul” (Luk 21:19). I believe there is nothing more accurate in determining one’s degree of faith (for personal knowledge) than that of one’s level of patience, for the more sure one is of God’s use of everything for our “good” (Rom 8:28), the more at ease will one be in waiting out the difficulty during every situation.

When the Lord Jesus said “Let not your heart be troubled,” I believe it was not merely a suggestion but more in the sense of a command (Jhn 14:1, 27). Once we are taught to believe that God’s “grace is sufficient” for us in all things, each day can find us welcoming what it has instore (2Co 12:9, 10); for we can ever be completely certain that it’s outcome will result for our “good,” regardless of our response, because the result is blessing-related and never response-effective (actually we continue to learn more from our response).

God continually teaches us through each infirmity, in whatever degree to “be strong in the Lord” and not in ourselves, thus the amount of “care” we “cast” on Him will determine the amount “weight” remaining—which will slow (never inhibit) us down (Eph 6:10; 1Pe 5:7; Heb 12:1).

Thank You God for forgiveness and unceasing sustenance concerning everything within our lives, all to Your glory by the Life of Jesus and Your precious Holy Spirit in us!