0 lord

Sorry my friend but I am battling to understand your question.
Are you asking about the film Lord of the Rings?
If not what are you actually saying?
Sorry that I can't understand your post.
Bless you,
jesus tells us to enter at the narrow road,1.walk in straight lines.helps us by pulling us out of a pit.0.i was wondering if the bible was influence by 0 god.as in pit god.just a thought more research needed.play on words like job in kjv,burn,t offering in case his children cursed God in there hearts,as he continuedly did ,so saying job cursed God.i think we need to really read the bible.:)
Sorry but now I am more confused than before. I really do not understand what your posts in this thread mean. I want to understand but sadly my brain can't decipher it.
Relax SC -The Lord God Sovereign King, Master and Maker of the universe and all it contains is more than able to get His message to us just the way He intended it to be.:D