1 gigabyte then and now

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I ordered an 8GB card off Amazon. It's amazing what they're doing today.

I remembered when I worked at the radio station back in '87. I told our engineer..."ya know, one day all these songs will be on one microchip."

He was an engineer, a genius. He started telling me why it was impossible. Songs can't be held on microchips, he said. It would never work.

We had about 1200 songs on these huge blue 8-track cassette-looking devices. They took up an entire wall in our studio. Today, I have 1500 songs on my media player, all held on one microchip.:eek:

Knowledge and wisdom will be increased greatly...


Sadly though brother knowledge allways seesm to grow faster than wisdom. Your microchip words were however prophetic.:)
Bo - I sent this image to a friend of mine, who actually sits on the governing body of the reservation. She was impressed! We talked about technology over emails...and then she offered me a job helping out with the wireless technology on the reservation!:eek:

Of course, I already have a job...but this is great! Something I can do during my spare time!

Thank you, Brother!;) God truly is wonderful how He works.:)