1 Kings 2:28-29

1 Kings 2:28-29 King James Version (KJV)
28 Then tidings came to Joab: for Joab had turned after Adonijah, though he turned not after Absalom. And Joab fled unto the tabernacle of the Lord, and caught hold on the horns of the altar.
29 And it was told king Solomon that Joab was fled unto the tabernacle of the Lord; and, behold, he is by the altar. Then Solomon sent Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, saying, Go, fall upon him.
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With Old Testament based on the Greek Septuagint

28 Well, the news of this reached JoAb (the son of ZeruJah); and because he had supported AdoniJah (not Solomon), he ran to the Tent of Jehovah and grabbed hold of the horns on the Altar. 29 So when Solomon was told, 'JoAb has fled to the Tent of Jehovah; and look, he's hanging onto the horns of the Altar,' he sent [a message] to JoAb, asking, 'What's wrong with you? Why have you fled to the Altar?'
And JoAb replied: 'Because I was afraid of you, I fled to Jehovah for refuge.'
Then Solomon sent BenaiJah (the son of JehoiAda), telling him: 'Go and kill him, and then bury him.'

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28 The tent was a place of refuge a place where sins were taken as offerings to the Lord but became a place where he became a coward. Joab was not seeking God but simply hiding, he knew that they wanted him dead and he went against what God wanted, he should have not even been in the temple because of his going against God’s plan, he should have been putting an offering on the altar not holding to it for his life.

29 Solomon wanted him dead, Solomon had to make an example of those who went against him to prevent others from going against him, but because God wanted Solomon to be the next king they also went against God which was far worse. Joab wanted to his own will rather then submit to his king and submit to the Lord, we should follow those God allows to be in charge but never put these people ahead of God.