1 Kings 7:7-8

1 Kings 7:7-8 King James Version (KJV)
7 Then he made a porch for the throne where he might judge, even the porch of judgment: and it was covered with cedar from one side of the floor to the other.
8 And his house where he dwelt had another court within the porch, which was of the like work. Solomon made also an house for Pharaoh's daughter, whom he had taken to wife, like unto this porch.

1 Kings 7:7-8
BBE 7 Then he made a covered room for his high seat when he gave decisions; this was the covered room of judging; it was covered with cedar-wood from floor to roof. 8 And the house for his living-place, the other open square in the covered room, was made in the same way. And then he made a house like it for Pharaoh's daughter, whom Solomon had taken as his wife.

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7 This room was for him to judge the problem was the law came from the Lord and not Solomon, so it would have been wise to let God’s priests decide and judge as they were to do based on the law. Thrones were common; the temple had one for God.

8 Solomon’s house was built behind the throne room were made with cedar. Solomon also made a home for his wife; Solomon focus on self is starting to happen and later would be a down fall for him. We should not put to much thought into what we have or want as we do serving the Lord.