10/17/2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Love the Lord”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
10/17/2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Love the Lord” Mark 12:28-34

The word “heart” is used as heartless for bad people. The phrase “heart of gold” is used for good people. Loving someone deeply is called “loving with all your heart”. In our scripture Jesus says to love God with all our heart. We need to think about how we love Him. We rarely take the time to tell God that we love Him. Psalm 42:1 says we should pant for God in our love for Him. This is a love that is an all-consuming passion for God.

If you don’t have this love and want to get this love then you should remember what God has done for you. Spend time thanking God for His works. In Philippians it says to thank God as we make our requests for His help. Count your blessings, name them one by one and this will help us love God more with our heart. We should be deliberately setting aside time to bring a grateful heart to God. We also need to be committed to God when we truly love Him with all our heart.

Jesus said that thou shall love the Lord with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength. We should give thanks to God through Jesus every day. Do all things with an eye on pleasing God. Our love for God should override our personal circumstances, our environment and our issues. Love God no matter whether you win or lose and no matter what the outcome. Be determined to love God with all your strength and mind. Loving God with your mind means that you understand that the God of love wants his people’s love. Loving with your mind means you made a conscience, willful decision to love God. You love God, you listen to Him, you believe in Him and you obey Him. Decide today who you are going to love and decide to love God. We thank God for His love for us and for Him sending Jesus to us.