10 Rules for a Successful Marriage

10 Rules for a Successful Marriage

I honestly expected this list to be longer but I think it's very helpful just the way it is.

1. You must marry the right person, one you love and one who loves you, and both of you must be in love with Jesus Christ.

2. GIVE and TAKE is a necessity. Let love cover the disagreements which will come in any marriage.

3. Never carry into tomorrow the petty troubles of today. Forgive at the end of the day, and then forget.

4. Don't discuss your disagreements and personal problems with others. You will soon forget these quarrels, but others will remember them forever. Go to the LORD for the advice you need.

5. Try to live within your financial means. Don't try to keep up with some other couple; keep within your income. And be sure to set aside something for the Lord's work.

6. Keep your love as romantic as possible. Appreciate each other. Express that appreciation in actual love and affection in the home.

7. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER even think of divorce as a solution for your marriage problems. You took your vows " until death do us part." So often, divorce never settles anything!

8. Keep your eyes on the person you have married, and don't bother looking around for someone else. Wandering eyes benefit no marriage.

9. Read God's Word and pray together every day. To pray together is to stay together.

10. Let Christ shed the love of God abroad in your heart, and you will be sure to have love for each other.

Baptist Pillar
1 rule never get married.the reason i say this is because if you follow jesus you suffer,and unless your partner knows this the marriage could be very stressed.
Awww I wouldn't encourage anyone to never get married. I just think they need to make sure they are being honest with themselves and their partner before getting married. Do not sell God, or yourself, out for anyone. If someone cannot accept every part of you and your relationship with our Father then they aren't worthy. I myself have been married for a year and by the grace of God my husband and I have always been on the same page. I'm not saying any of it is easy but it's definitely worth working for.

From what I have learned from others, some of the biggest mistakes people make when getting married is doing it for the wrong reasons. A lot of people get married because they are afraid to be alone or because they need the constant companionship. That is just a temporary solution and reality will eventually set in. You should never marry someone because you want or need something from them, you should marry them because you want to do something for them. Does that make sense?
I like it too! I would add another one: listen more than you speak!