17 Year Olds Should Not Die

17 Year Olds Should Not Die

Just got back from a funeral for a 17 year old boy from our church. How sad! It is the 3rd such funeral of my children's friends. All the same story. Young man speeding in a car, looses control and crashes. The high speed impact causes internal injuries too great for the body to deal with.

How sad! I wish there was a way to get boys to understand the dangers.
I see this is a few months old but still I am sorry for this boy, his family and friends.
What a waste.
Some kids thinks they are invinsible.
My son in law was killed this way.
I remember the horrible movies we were forced to watch in school for drivers ed.
They have stuck with me all these years.
Maybe we should make our kids watch them!
Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of teenage deaths. Being seventeen myself, this really hits home. It's sad to have your whole life infront of you, and to have it swiped away in just a few thoughtless seconds.

~Spinning side kick!~
It's very scary and being a mother I am thankful I have the Lord to cast my worries to.
Not that I don't worry!
But I believe he hears my prayers.
I pray always that God keeps a hedge of protection around my children.
Yes I know how you guys feel-I am also saddened for this child and his family- my oldest teenager is just starting to drive- I have been talking to him for a long time about being a safe driver and I am hoping it sunk in.
Harsh Reality

Discipline, maturity, parental oversite and personal responsibility.

These are the main FAILINGS of youth, families and parenting these days.

IN GENERAL and in more cases than not, psychologists will confirm:

(1) Some 'parents' don't have time to raise their offspring... too busy making money hand over fist to keep up their 'social status' at the country club. Therefore, no discipline.

(2) Youth these days lack maturity because everything is given to them on a silver platter just to shut them up. Parents do not allow them to mature by living through the teachings and lessons of life experiences.

(3) Parental Oversite is a joke. If parents don't have time to raise their young properly, they certainly won't take the time to be involved and find out about what the kids are doing on their own - until it is too late.

(4) Personal responsibility is a concept that is not taught any longer by the educational system OR by parents. Kids are left to fend for themselves and without role models to look up to and to learn from regarding traditional family values, no sense of personal responsibility is instilled in youth any longer. Since they are not supervised, lack maturity, and no one is there to oversee their activities, personal responsibility does not exist in most cases.

While it is sad to have anyone die in such a manner as Mark has mentioned, it is totally understandable as to how these things take place.

If the FAMILY were closer, took care of each other, saw to each other's needs and had TIME for each other and God, these incidents would be significantly reduced in frequency.

This harsh reality may be difficult to read, but just stop and think as to what values were in place when your grandparents were raising their young and compare that to today's permissive society... you will see where we, as the human race, are headed. And where is this coming from? The doctrines of Satan are much easier to follow than the Doctrines of God and Jesus Christ. THAT is where this societal change is coming from.

In 2001 two of my brother friends were killed in a car crash, one was a junior and the other was a senior. The remarkable part of the story was the forgivness to the driver by the families and friends of the boys that died. There was no anger, no thoughts of a lawsuit, just forgiveness. The story was all over the news about the remarkable waves of forgiveness in love in our small Christian School community. I am now a senior of seventeen and hoped that if i were ever in the same situation I would be forgiven as well by those in my community.

Two years ago my best friends brother died in his sleep, he was nineteen, still too young. What is strange though was that there was no cause of death, he just died. He was one of the most devote young Christians I knew, healthy, always had a smile on his face as well, and was kind to every one who crossed his path. We dedicated the song 'Hear You Me' by Jimmy Eat World to his death, the song itself is about a friend who died and words from it reflect his death.
'And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
God wouldn't let it live.
May angels lead you in.'​
These words to his friends and family mean a lot to us because it describes just who he is, he had too big of a heart for it to remain on earth.
That is so sad... What a waste... We should definitely pay more attention to the traffic laws in schools and even more, show them why it`s so important... All the see now on the TV is Fast And Furious, telling them you can be as cool as those guys.. And even if you get in a crash, you can get away with it without a scratch... :(
We are as flowers in the Masters garden, sometimes He picks one He can't wait to hold close- Larry
Brother Larry, I believe that.
Also, do you belive sometimes, because God does know the future, that he will take someone to save them from their own sin later down the road?