1965 Prophet

Feb 7, 2015
I want to add to this thread the following in which has been big in me for a long time and I believe it fits here very well.

There are TWO parts to this. A picture and music video.
Please read carefully what is posted before each one.

To them that have ears let them hear.

Ok the picture.
Many will say oh FCJ that is a cute or funny picture and fail to SEE the truth .

Scripture backs this up!!


However Religion and Traditions of man totally turn this around. God put things in our hands and will not do for us what He has Authorised us to do.

Ok for the video.
Its an old school Petra/Carmin video and again Speaks Volumes of Truth.

Note: in the start of the video it talks about God being removed from school.
....One atheist woman was behind this.
I am not going into details or names but the body of Christ allowed One Atheist Woman to get her way.

Again through doctrines of demons and man the church has left it's first love and followed after self.

Man decides on church splits and denominations and different doctrines and not God.

God told us to walk in One Accord with Him.

So please listen to this video and look around. Compare the believers of the day to those in the book of acts.

Forget Traditions and hand me down Religions passed down by man......Get back to your First Love and Dwell in this land as if you are writing the next part of acts.

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