2 Kings 6:28-29

Something I have said for many years, people today cannot imagine the living conditions back then and the brutality which took place on a regular basis. This was a big reason why Jesus could not come to Earth as He did later on in history. Mankind was not ready for its Savior. It was still very uncivilized in Jesus' time, but at least there were many who could become disciples to carry the Gospel to the world.
This was one of the reasons for the Ten Commandments and the Law given to Moses. These were rules to govern and guide the civilizing process which needed to take place.

For another horrific section, try Judges 19 thru 20.
I just recalled seeing an investigation into the Jamestown settlement in the mid 1600's. The settlers were holed up within the fortifications of the settlement because the indians were attacking them every time they tried to leave. Things got very dire and as people died from either disease or starvation, the remaining settlers cannibalized the corpses. Just an awful situation.