2014:new Year, New Me

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
2014 is going to be a new year, new me. I am not only going to change on the forums here, but in real life too. I can't wait to have a good year for myself. Who's with me? I know there's a few of you who are with me.
Have you made a list of things to achieve this year?

Lets make this the official, goals for 2014 thread.

My goals for the new year are:

1. Get more involved at church functions like helping at homeless shelters. I have a friend that does so much for the Lord. He mows the lawn at church. Visits the elderely and widows of the church to help them with handyman tasks. Helps at homeless shelters. He goes to church 3 times a week. Prays at every meal. Reads his bible every night. I need to do at least half that this year!
2. Have another baby.
3. Get my dad's new canopy business off its feet.
4. Fix my two cars 100%, they keep giving problems but now they paid off at least.
Mine are.. Be a better witness.. Spend more time in prayers. Put down at least 15 pounds.. Complete PMP certification

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
No, I haven't my friend. Mine are:

I am going to be a nicer guy on any AND all forums I join. I am a butthead on them, but am not going to be anymore. I want to make friends on here and if I don't whatever. Part of the resolution is that I am not going to worry about what people say. One last thing about this resolution is that I am not going to care what people say about me, even though the rules say not to basically talk about people badly.

Lose weight
Learn to not think I am no good.

Do at least two out of three, and I will feel good about myself.
I'm with you! I plan on learning how to become a better follower of Christ and to help my fellow man more. Oh, and to stop swearing.

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
I've been a naughty Christian and haven't worked on hardly any of this stuff I listed. Except for being a nicer guy on any AND all forums I joined(this one is the latest/last one I joined), I haven't worked on anything. I am going to this week, and beyond.
Yeah, new things happened to me this year (2014). I even got rid of the demons finally because a priest helped me, but I still doubt sometimes, but no, no demons here anymore.