25 of the worlds most colorful lakes

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That's awesome....

Turquoise and Blue Lakes

1. The blue hues captured in this stunning photograph of Peyto Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, show just how awesome the natural world can be.

And it looks exactly like the picture.


I used to love going camping- the beauty of God's creation just blows me away sometimes. I am pleased you like the pics my brother.
yes but they missed out on one of the moste beautifu lakes in the world (or so i think any way) wich is Kootenay Lake Kootenay Lake Visitors Guide to the East Shore mmm i can remember all the nice long summers i spent out there. the best part about it is the water is so clean they have to put stuff in the lake for the fish to eat... heck me and my bro would go an entire summer with out having a shower or bath we would just go swimming but then again if it was nice out we swam pretty much from the moment we woke up untill it was time to go to bed we would just bring the soap and shampoo down to the lake :D worlds largest (and prettiest) bath tub lol