Hello! I'm Kasia. It is nice to join you :) I'm from Poland, where I live and study. Actualy I describe this forum in my report for International Marketing Research subject. The teacher gave us the homework to choose any international forum we are interested in and do report about it.
I decided to describe christian forum, because I thought it can be a chance to show my teacher God. Hope that this report will bring her light. I really would like to describe it in such way that God can use.
If you can pray for it, I will appreciate it.

So, once again, hello everyone!
Praise the Lord...welcome to CFS!! I think its great you are witnessing to your teacher in such a great way! I will pray that it touches her heart and leads her to seeking our Lord.

Kasia - Thank you for joining CFS. We know that you will be among friends here - the caring that you have already shown in trying to give God's Word to your teacher is a very nice thing to do. Blessings to you and please accept our CFS family as your own.
Hey welcome to the forums..So glad u decided to join us. CFS is a great place with lots of people who love God. Hope you enjoy the forum!!

God BLess
Hey there :]
I like your name! It's really pretty :]
My name's Katie!
I really hope you stay on this forum <3
It's a greaaaat place :D

So what are your likes/dislikes???