3 Plus years...site FINALLY done.

3 Plus years...site FINALLY done.

Alright gang, so I am new to these message boards. Nice to meet everyone!! I have been working on a free Christian Singles site for over 3 years now and finally finished it up this week. It is an invite only website that I am hoping a few of you will check out for me. If you are interested shoot me an email jmixon at gracesingles.com the website is www.gracesingles.com you can request an invite from the main websiite if you like. Looking for positive as well as negative feed back.

God Bless!
That sounds like a nice web site, andI would take you up on it, but I'm happily married to the man God planned for me before the foundation of the world. Best wishes with the site.
Hey Liberty!
Thanks so much for the response...glad you found your man!! It is a pretty good website...put a lot of time, money and sweat into it. We will see how it turns out!

Take Care!

Good sites take time. I only looked at the home page. It reflects well three years of effort. Good color scheme, layout, overall coordination.

Congratulations!!!! I pray the Holy Spirit will look on your site and grant it great success in fulfilling his will for bringing people together through this service. I pray Jesus will take account of your hard work and reward you richly for it both now and in heaven.

But be patient; things can take time to get going; but that often is how God works.

M Paul

I too only went as far as the home page but I agree that it looks great. It's a nice, crisp and clean design. I know it will be a blessing to those who use it.